About the Association


I. Structure

  • The General Assembly 
  • The Management Board 
  • The Supervisory Board 


The General Assembly is the highest management body of the Association. It is made up of all members of the Association, whilst only the regular members have the right to vote, according to the Statute.


The Management Board is the executive body and is composed of five members that must be regular members of the Association, with a two-year mandate.

It consists of: a President, who is elected by the General Assembly by direct voting on the basis of a review of the programs of work submitted by the candidates; a Vice-President, a Secretary; and two additional members.

The current members of the Green Istra management board were elected at a General Assembly meeting held on May 25, 2020, for a term of two years. They are:

President of the Management Board (also the Association’s President)

The Vice-President of the Management Board (also the Vice-President of the Association). This role takes over the duties of the President in case the President is prevented from attending to her duties or is absent for a period longer than fifteen (15) days.

The Secretary of the Management Board (also Secretary of the Association):

Member of the Management Board

Member of the Management Board


The Supervisory Board is the controlling body that controls and follows the work of all the bodies of the Association; the financial and material operation of the Association; and takes care that the Statute and other relevant regulations are respected.

The members of the Supervisory Board were elected a General Assembly meeting on May 25, 2020, for a term of 2 years.

The current members are:




II.  Statute

The Statute is the foundational document of the Association. It describes in greater detail its structure, procedures, and other important information. You can download the Statute of the Association in PDF format here


Statute in Croatian language

Statute in English language (unofficial translation)



III. Partnerships (Cooperations and membership in other organizations):

Green Istria also works together with other environmental organizations from Croatia and abroad. For example:

We are a member of a Croatian network of environmental organizations: Zeleni Forum (Green Forum) since 2001. We have acted as the coordinating body for the above-mentioned network on a few occasions.

Since 1999, we have been a member of the Green Telephone Network of Croatia, and we have coordinated this network a few times. In 1992, the first Green Phone service was established, which serves citizens regarding information and issues related to the environment, nature, and their protection. It was established within the association for environmental protection Green Action and, after the establishment of the first Phone, other associations decided to launch the same service. The network has a unique phone number for the entire territory of Croatia: 072 123 456. In this way, the calls from any part of Croatia are redirected to the closest association. By mutual agreement, each association covers the counties in which it is established, and some of the associations also cover the neighbouring counties.

In 2002, Green Istria served as one of the founders of the international environmental association Adriatic GreeNet, which connects Slovenian, Italian and Croatian environmental protection organizations, for example: Zveze Slovenskih Ekoloških Gibanj ("SEG"), a Slovenian Ecological NGO; and the Italian NGO Legambiente Friuli-Venezia-Giulia.

Role in the Community centre Rojc

Green Istria is among the founders of the Rojc Alliance, the alliance of associations which use the office spaces in the building of the ex-military barracks Karlo Rojc in Pula. Over the years, the historic building was repurposed to be a community center which is now home to over 100 NGOs. The owner of the building of the Community Center Rojc is the City of Pula.
Green Istria was engaged in the creation of the very innovative community centre management model. A participative public-civil management model - the Coordination of the Community Centre Rojc, made up of 3 representatives of Rojc Alliance and 3 representatives of the City of Pula,  was established in 2008 and since then Green Istra's representative is the President of the Coordination. In 2019 Green Istria has initiated the process of the improvement of the participative public-civil management model through the project “We Are Building up Rojc”. For more information about Rojc, go to the website http://rojcnet.pula.org/index.php/en/

IV. Notable Awards & Accomplishments

Over the past twenty-five years of its work, Green Istria has received four important awards:

  • An award from The Croatian Ministry of Environment and Civil Planning, for excellent results in the field of education and information-sharing about environmental issues (2000)
  • A special award from the City Council of Pula for important results in environmental protection and public awareness-raising in Istria and Pula (2000)
  • An award from the Croatian Government for the development of volunteer system in Croatia (2001)
  • In 2002, Green Istria’s website (www.zelena-istra.hr) received an award recognizing it as one of the ten best web sites in the category of Sport and Health. The award was the result of a Croatian internet competition (Web Top 100), organized by the Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction for General Contribution to Environmental Protection (2004).

V. Public Praise:

"The NGO Green Istria from Pula….is certainly the most active and omnipresent, the most wide-ranging in its actions, and most recognized according to its results. On the territory of Istria County they are already an "institution", and their activities represent the forefront of the "green movement" in Croatia and beyond. In the past...years since its foundation, Green Istria has been operating systematically on a great number of topics regarding environmental protection, very often in the role of an initiator of modern and--on the territory of Istria County--new ways of solving long outstanding problems. This is in addition to their presence in public life where they are constantly bringing the "green point of view"  to people's attention in relation to the reality of life in Istria County, and their establishment of the Green Phone - a public service through which citizens can report [environmental] problems they observe and get advice and support in further follow-up.’’


March 30, 2020