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Nina Brnić

23. 02. 2024.

Textile Upcycling Workshop at Re-Geppetto

Join another creative upcycling workshop at Re-Geppetto repair cafe. This time, in collaboration with association 2K-KempKatze from Rojc, learn how to transform old textiles into something new. How to turn an old sweater or pair of pants into a bag or another object under the expert guidance of the renowned costume designer and puppeteer Marina Štemberger. The workshop's theme is textile care, reuse, and recycling, with an emphasis on creating new products from old textiles.

The workshop will take place on Thursday, February 29, from 18:00 to 20:00. The number of participants is limited, you can sign up via email ured@zelena-istra.hr.

Participants are asked to bring their old piece of textile (jeans, T-shirts, woolen sweaters, etc.) that they will redesign into a new item during the workshop. The workshop's duration is two hours, but there is a possibility for participants to coordinate with the workshop leader for an additional session to complete their work.

We can buy less clothes and still nurture an original and creative style. Let's reduce waste together and learn new skills at Re-Geppetto Workshop. Re-Geppetto, located at Community Center Rojc, is a space for citizens who want to repair and extend the lifespan of products. The workshop is managed by the Rojc Association Alliance, and the programs are created by the Green Istria Association.

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