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Nina Brnić

03. 06. 2023.

Volunteer action „Sound Re-Garden” – construction of a vertical garden that creates music

A volunteer action of building a vertical garden took place this Friday in the Community center Rojc as a preparation for an interesting "Sound Re-Garden" experiment that shows how plants can make music. Thank you to all the citizens who, with the help of our Re-Geppetto repair cafe coordinator Marko Grbac Knapić, helped with the construction of the vertical garden, which was made of reused pallet boards. All the participants enjoyed the experiment of making music with the plants in the garden - a laurel, an olive tree and succulents. Lawrence the Laurel turned out to be a musical star on Friday because the other plants were not in the mood for a concert, they were probably too shy to perform in front of such a large audience.

Bio-architecture is the introduction of living ecosystems into existing architecture. From the hanging gardens of Babylon to today's biotextural buildings, people are looking for and applying solutions to bring plants closer to there home. As more people live in cities,  the need for urban agriculture and gardening is growing. In urban areas, gardening is possible despite pollution from roads and industrial plants. Vertical gardens are the ideal solution for urban gardens; in addition to saving space, they can be made from various already used materials and are very suitable for growing plants on balconies, terraces, yards, gardens, in houses and on facades. Herbs, aromatic plants, flowers, leafy and other vegetables with shallow roots can be grown in them.

Vertical gardens contribute significantly to air quality, as they trap pollutants and dust particles and use carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This alone affects the microclimate, reduces the effect of heat islands in cities and increases biodiversity. Biodiversity is especially important in cities, where green areas are reduced to a minimum. Additionally, they increase the energy efficiency of buildings and protect the facade from deterioration, they "capture" the water coming from the roofs and thus reduce the amount of rain that ends up in the drains, while at the same time they look great and add immeasurably greater aesthetic value to the space.

This event was organized as part of the "Communities go circular" project, which is financed by EU funds,  in the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values program (CERV). Find more information about the "Communities Go Circular" project here: https://www.zelena-istra.hr/en/articles/none-2/901/none/

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