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Zelena Istra

The New Ideas For Old Buildings (2015-2016)

The New Ideas For Old Buildings project focuses on improving public property management by helping municipalities use public participation in decision-making about real estate occupancy.

The project gathers seven small and medium-sized towns from six countries from the Baltic to the Balkans (Latvia, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro) which are facing economic and social decline. They are motivated to find solutions for revitalising their towns and enhancing the quality of life.

The project aims to increase public involvement in decision-making for public property management and sustainable urban development. It also identifies concrete solutions to better utilize property with community needs in mind, and develops a long-term platform for public property management in medium and small European towns.

The project is co-funded by Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

For more info, please visit the project website: http://newideasforoldbuildings.eu