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Let's light the spark for inclusion together!

Let's light the spark for inclusion together! deals with the social exclusion of children with disabilities, their parents and persons with disabilities from activities in social gardens and socio-political life in Pula and Vukovar.

The root of the problem is a weak democratic culture - the process of political decision-making in a way that is "about us, without us", typical of Croatia. Neither citizens nor civil society are equal participants in this process and vulnerable groups are pushed to its very margins. The consequences of this are unjust and socially insensitive communities with no systematic support for vulnerable groups, where prejudice and divisions into "we" and "they" prevail.

The goal of the project is to attain a long-term improvement of the quality of life, achieve equality and inclusion of the vulnerable and enable civic participation in Pula and Vukovar. To achieve that, it is necessary to advocate it through a public campaign – the development of guidelines for inclusive and participatory decision-making, public actions and a documentary for the promotion of guidelines and   the rights of vulnerable groups which will premiere at the panel discussions, with key figures from the two cities present.
Moreover, It is necessary to show that what we are advocating is possible - to carry out inclusion and participation in the gardens and communities in Pula and Vukovar, through a program of garden design - a base for a new method for inclusive and participatory planning of social gardens and its application in practice, inclusive volunteer actions and gardening workshops. The project builds active citizens, empowers vulnerable groups and civil society, fosters inclusion and volunteerism and lays the groundwork for participatory democracy.
The project takes the concept of universal design and applies it during all project activities. The bilateral partnership with the University of Akureyri, Iceland is essential to the implementation of the project because it brings the expertise in the theory and practice of universal design.

Project promoter: Association Green Istria


    • Association of persons with physical disabilities of southern Istria
    • Women's association Vukovar
    • Association of parents of children with disabilities „Vukovar Butterflies”
    • School for training and education – Pula
    • Gymnasium in Pula
    • University of Acureyri, Iceland

Project duration: September 1, 2022 – November 30, 2023

Total eligible project cost: 90.000,00 €, provided through financial support from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within the framework of the European Economic Area and Norwegian grants.

Contact person: Dunja Mickov, project coordinator, dunja.mickov@zelena-istra.hr, 052 506 065

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Ovaj sadržaj omogućen je financijskom podrškom Islanda, Lihtenštajna i Norveške u okviru Europskog gospodarskog prostora i Norveških grantova. Sadržaj ove internetske podstranice isključiva je odgovornost  Zelene Istre i ne odražava nužno stavove država donatorica i Upravitelja Fonda.

Projekt "Za(VRT)imo za inkluziju zajedno!" je podržan sa € 90.000,00 financijske podrške Islanda, Lihtenštajna i Norveške u okviru EGP grantova.

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